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InSpe Group has more than 25 years of experience in the field of printing and sign making. Today we have four subdivisions in Baltics and Belarus and became one of the leading supply companies in our region delivering best known brand solutions to the endless number of our customers.

After past few years of massive expansion of our business, we reached the point, when it was time to say a big thank you to all our clients and distributors, partners and suppliers, gather together, celebrate, and to see what/how new growth opportunities can be taken next.

Our business is all about perfection, growth and success of our customers. Ad/Print Master Forum is the place where the brightest people and ideas meet for limitless cooperation.

This is what Ad/Print Masters will be:

  • Discussion forum: business experts from all the world share their experience and knowledge.
  • Equipment demonstration: the newest equipment for your business is being demonstrated and tested.
  • Networking: where people meet and create new business connections.
  • Event is organised in Lithuania and Latvia once every year.
Be innovative, strong and successful - join our Ad/Print Masters!

Some Facts

Ad/Print Masters is all about growth, perfection, experience and records! Look at some unbelievable achievements during our forum event.

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